User interfaces, monitoring and analytics

    Johannes Elmsheuser     NPPS member
    Amol Jaikar     NPPS member
    Sergey Padolski     NPPS member         ATLAS Analysics Group Co-convener, ATLAS Operations Intelligence Coordinator
    Alex Undrus     NPPS member         ATLAS Software Librarian

Experiments and projects
    ATLAS at the LHC (CERN)
    DUNE Long Baseline Neutrino Facility (FNAL & Sanford)

    ATLAS CI and nightly system    
    DUNE prompt processing system and Data Quality Monitor    
    HEP software knowledge base    
    PanDA monitoring system    

Related materials
    Evolution of the Data Quality Monitoring and Prompt Processing System in the protoDUNE-SP experiment,   CHEP 2019,   Nov 2019
    Implementation of ATLAS Distributed Computing monitoring dashboards using InfluxDB and Grafana,   CHEP 2019,   Nov 2019
    Enhancements in Functionality of the Interactive Visual Explorer for ATLAS Computing Metadata,   CHEP 2019,   Nov 2019
    ATLAS BigPanDA monitoring and Belle II DDM,   NPPS talk,   Oct 2019