Collaborative tools, documentation and training

    Dmitry Arkhipkin (SDCC)     Collaborator
    Paul Laycock     Member     Leadership team member     DUNE DB Group Co-Convener
    Sergey Padolski     Former member
    Maxim Potekhin     Member     PHENIX Simulation Convener, PHENIX DAP Task Force member
    Torre Wenaus     Member     Leadership team member     US ATLAS HL-LHC Computing Co-Manager, EIC UG Software WG Co-Convener, NPPS Group Leader

Experiments and projects
    ATLAS at the LHC (CERN)
    HEP Software Foundation (HSF)

    HEP software knowledge base    

Related materials
    From Raw Data to Physics Results,   BNL Physics Dept Summer Lecture Series 2019,   Jul 2019