Common software: yes

Rucio in NPPS

    Alexei Klimentov     NPPS member     Leadership team member         ATLAS Workflow Management Co-Coordinator
    Paul Laycock     NPPS member     Leadership team member         DUNE DB Group Co-Convener
    Ruslan Mashinistov     NPPS member
    Cedric Serfon     NPPS member

Experiments and projects
    ATLAS at the LHC (CERN)
    Belle II at SuperKEKB (KEK)
    Google-ATLAS HL-LHC R&D Project

Technical teams  
    Distributed data management    

Related materials
    The Rucio Data Management System,   BNL Physics S&C Seminar Series,   Nov 2019
    Distributed data management on Belle II,   CHEP 2019,   Nov 2019
    Evaluating Rucio outside ATLAS - Common experiences from Belle II, CMS, DUNE, SKA, and LIGO,   CHEP 2019,   Nov 2019