Common software: yes

Harvester in NPPS

    Johannes Elmsheuser     NPPS member         ATLAS Software Co-Coordinator
    Tadashi Maeno     NPPS member         PanDA Lead Developer, Harvester Project Leader, iDDS Project Leader
    Paul Nilsson     NPPS member         PanDA Pilot Project Leader

Experiments and projects
    ATLAS at the LHC (CERN)
    Google-ATLAS HL-LHC R&D Project
    HEP Software Foundation (HSF)

Technical teams  
    High performance computing    
    Workflow and workload management    

Related materials
    Using Kubernetes as an ATLAS computing site,   CHEP 2019,   Nov 2019
    Managing the ATLAS Grid through Harvester,   CHEP 2019,   Nov 2019