Data Carousel

Data Carousel in NPPS

    Johannes Elmsheuser     Member     ATLAS Software Co-Coordinator
    Alexei Klimentov     Member     Leadership team member     ATLAS Workflow Management Co-Coordinator
    Tadashi Maeno     Member     PanDA Lead Developer, Harvester Project Leader, iDDS Project Leader
    Cedric Serfon     Member

Experiments and projects
    ATLAS at the LHC (CERN)
    Google-ATLAS HL-LHC R&D Project

Technical teams  
    Distributed data management    
    Workflow and workload management    

Related materials
    The ATLAS Data Carousel Project,   HEPiX Fall 2019,   Nov 2019


The data carousel R&D project is an ATLAS initiative originating at BNL to develop a disk-efficient means of processing data residing in cold storage (tape). Workload and data management systems together with the site’s storage services orchestrate the staging and processing of a dynamic sliding window of disk-resident data, such that the disk footprint of the production campaign’s input data is just a fraction of its full size.