Data Carousel

Data Carousel in NPPS

    Johannes Elmsheuser     NPPS member
    Alexei Klimentov     NPPS member     Leadership team member
    Tadashi Maeno     NPPS member
    Cedric Serfon     NPPS member

Experiments and projects
    ATLAS at the LHC (CERN)
    Google-ATLAS HL-LHC Project

Technical teams  
    Distributed data management    
    Workflow and workload management    

Related materials
    The ATLAS Data Carousel Project,   HEPiX Fall 2019,   Nov 2019


The data carousel R&D project is an ATLAS initiative originating at BNL to develop a disk-efficient means of processing data residing in cold storage (tape). Workload and data management systems together with the site’s storage services orchestrate the staging and processing of a dynamic sliding window of disk-resident data, such that the disk footprint of the production campaign’s input data is just a fraction of its full size.