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Connecting the Dots 2020, Princeton, April 22-24 2020

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Google-ATLAS Technical Interchange Meeting, CERN, March 24-26 2020

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Rucio Community Workshop, FNAL, March 10-12 2020

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BNL/JLab S&C Round Table on Frameworks for Greenfield Experiments, March 10 2020

For more information on this and other meetings in this series see here. Agendas

AI for Nuclear Physics Workshop, JLab, March 4-6 2020

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BNL/JLab S&C Round Table on Programming for Future Architectures, Feb 18 2020

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EIC Detector R&D meeting, BNL, Jan 30-31 2020

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EIC full simulation tutorial, BNL, Jan 29 2020

EIC software tutorial day at BNL focusing on full simulation. For more information see here.

sPHENIX Software Mega-Workfest, BNL, Jan 13-19 2020

A week of open presentations, hackathons and tutorials on sPHENIX software. More information here.

BNL/JLab S&C Round Table on Jupyter, Dec 3 2019

For more information on this and other meetings in this series see here. Agendas

WLCG Data and Analysis Preservation Workshop 2019

Topical discussions on Data and Analysis Preservation and related topics such as Open Data. NPPS participated on behalf of RHIC and presented the RHIC DAP status.

Workshop website

The Rucio Data Management System, Cedric Serfon, BNL Physics S&C Seminar, November 20 2019

Cedric Serfon, a Rucio core team member and a new member of the NPPS group, will give a seminar on Rucio and its application within and beyond ATLAS.

The seminar is part of the BNL Physics S&C Seminar Series.

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Supercomputing 2019, Denver

NPPS events at SC19 included Google - US ATLAS project planning discussions.

Conference website

BNL Streaming Readout Workshop V, November 13-15 2019

BNL is holding the fifth in its series of streaming readout workshops, hosted by the RIKEN BNL Research Center. The goal of the workshop series is to develop a common, community-wide standard for streaming readout, as an integrated readout solution for all detectors at a future EIC and beyond.

Workshop website

CHEP 2019, Adelaide, Australia

NPPS participated in the CHEP 2019 conference with authorship on 19 talks and posters across 5 experiments and many common projects.

Conference website
Indico timetable
Participant list

NPPS authored contributions:
        Evolution of the ATLAS analysis model for Run-3 and prospects for HL-LHC
        The ATLAS Data Carousel Project
        Extreme compression for Large Scale Data store
        Dealing with High Background Rates in Simulations of the STAR Heavy Flavor Tracker
        The Scikit-HEP project - overview and prospects
        Evolution of the Data Quality Monitoring and Prompt Processing System in the protoDUNE-SP experiment
        ATLAS Event Store and I/O developments in support for Production and Analysis in Run 3
        Deployment of containers on the diverse ATLAS infrastructure
        Harnessing the power of supercomputers using the PanDA Pilot 2 in the ATLAS Experiment
        Experience supporting Belle II CDB server Infrastructure for Phase 3
        Using Kubernetes as an ATLAS computing site
        Managing the ATLAS Grid through Harvester
        Large scale fine grain simulation workflows ("Jumbo Jobs") on HPC's by the ATLAS experiment
        Distributed data management on Belle II
        Track 2 Highlights – Offline Computing
        Evaluating Rucio outside ATLAS - Common experiences from Belle II, CMS, DUNE, SKA, and LIGO
        Evolution of the ATLAS analysis model for Run-3 and prospects for HL-LHC
        Implementation of ATLAS Distributed Computing monitoring dashboards using InfluxDB and Grafana
        Enhancements in Functionality of the Interactive Visual Explorer for ATLAS Computing Metadata
        Event Streaming Service for ATLAS Event Processing

HEPiX Autumn 2019 Workshop

NPPS participated in the HEPiX Autumn 2019 workshop, with a talk on the Data Carousel R&D in ATLAS given by Alexei Klimentov.

Workshop website

NPPS authored contributions:
        The ATLAS Data Carousel Project

EIC Software Meeting, JLab, September 24 2019

NPPS is co-organizing an EIC software meeting on September 24 at Jefferson Lab to follow up on the agreements at the July 10 BNL meeting with specific proposals on common conventions and interfaces to enable EIC detector models to be used in the various frameworks.

DUNE data model workshop, BNL, August 14-16 2019

DUNE held a workshop at BNL in August to brainstorm their data model, towards developing a full computing model over the next months. NPPS participated and is exploring how the group can become involved in DUNE.

EIC Simulation Meeting, BNL, July 10 2019

NPPS hosted an EIC simulation meeting on July 10 to progress on how to improve commonality and ease of use among the simulation tools, to allow users to work with multiple detector concepts easily without learning several different systems. The meeting concluded with a set of agreements to enable this; see the meeting notes.

ATLAS S&C Week at NYU June 24-28 2019

NYU hosted and NPPS led the organization of ATLAS Software and Computing Week at NYU in Manhattan June 24-28 2019. ATLAS folks can access the agenda.

Welcome to the home of BNL's new NPP Software group!

BNL has consolidated the former Physics Applications Software (PAS) Group together with software experts from nuclear physics to create the new Nuclear and Particle Physics Software Group in the Physics Department. Explore this site to learn about the group.