BNL/JLab Software and Computing Round Table

Brookhaven and Jefferson Labs organize a Software and Computing Round Table, a monthly distributed forum for presenting and discussing topics of interest within our scientific community. The interplay between computing and science is ever tighter in NP, HEP and other fields, particularly as data intensive computing plays an ever growing role in the science. This forum aims to foster knowledge transfer and promote common projects for the benefit of our scientific community.

All are welcome. For remote participation we use BlueJeans (ID: 373678588). You can join via browser:

Or dial into the meeting:
  US: (888) 240-2560
  International numbers:
  Meeting ID: 373678588

At BNL, meetings are announced on the Physics Dept S&C list, open to all. Subscribe here.

The organizing committee for the round table is currently
  Alexander Kiselev (BNL)
  Amber Boehnlein (JLAB)
  Graham Heyes (JLAB)
  Mark Ito (JLAB)
  Markus Diefenthaler (JLAB)
  Ofer Rind (BNL)
  Paul Laycock (BNL)
  Torre Wenaus (BNL)

More information about the Computing Round Table (previous and upcoming meetings) can be found at .